Aflatoxins / Animal Feeding / Cattle / Dairying / Feeds / ILRI / LiveGene / LIVESTOCK-FISH / Senegal / West Africa

Aflatoxins in dairy cattle feed in Senegal

This poster, produced for the Tropentag 2016 conference, shares results from a 2015 pilot project that measured aflatoxin B1 levels in dairy cattle feeds in low-input cattle farms in Senegal. Continue reading

Animal Breeding / Dairying / Genetics / ILRI / Indigenous Breeds / LiveGene / LIVESTOCK-FISH / Senegal / West Africa

Determinants of use of breeding technologies in dairy cattle farms in Senegal

This is a poster about a study in Senegal to identify household level characteristics that could have influenced the uptake of artificial insemination (AI) and use of cross-bred or exotic cattle breeds in the last 5 years. Continue reading