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Senegal Dairy Genetics Fellowship – Call for applications: MSc student in Animal Production at the Inter-State School of Veterinary Science and Medicine, Dakar (CLOSED !!)

Job Title: MSc student in Animal Production or Animal Science

Application deadline: July 26, 2013

Duration of contract: 5 months

Location: Departements of Thies ,Tivaouvane et Mbacke

I– Background

In peri-urban dairy production systems in Senegal,  native Zebu cattle breeds (e.g. Gobra and zebu Maure) are bred with dairy cattle breeds recently introduced from Europe (e.g. “Holstein-Friesian”), resulting in a multitude of cross-breed cattle populations. There is, however, very little information on the socio-economic performance of these different cross-breeds (or ‘breed types’). Animals with a high proportion of exotic DNA tend to have high genetic potential for milk production, but they are less adapted to local environmental conditions and require more inputs (feed and veterinary care) compared to animals of local breeds. In this context, the “Senegal Dairy Genetics” project was established in order to identify the most suitable cattle breed in a given environment in terms of productivity and socio-economic benefits to farmers. In addition to the current activities of this project in Thies, Tivaoune and Mbacké, EISMV and Helsinki University have decided to launch a study on identifying the determinants of cattle weight.

II – Thesis Topic

Phenotypic characterization of dairy cattle in peri-urban farms in Senegal

III – Objectives

This study aims to contribute to the overall characterization of cattle populations (local and cross breeds) in peri-urban farms in Senegal to improve productivity in the dairy sector. The specific objectives are to:

  •   Collect barymetric data from cattle populations
  •   Develop of linear regression and nonlinear models to predict of live weight of cattle.

IV – The successful candidate should

  •        be a current MSc student in animal production, “Master 1 or maîtrise” in animal sciences, or final year of  veterinary medicine or agricultural engineering studies,
  •        have good computer skills and  demonstrate knowledge of using statistical tools for data analysis,
  •        be able and enjoy working in the field,
  •        have excellent written and verbal communication skills in French. A good knowledge of English is also preferable.

V – Application file should contain

  1. A letter addressed to the Head of service of animal production and animal feed science  of  EISMV
  2. A curriculum vitae
  3. A certificate of registration in a Master degree program related to livestock husbandry
  4. A copy of the transcript of the last academic year

VI – Duration of Study

The study duration is 5 months including 3 months of field work and 2 months of data analysis and publication of results.

VII – Working conditions

The successful candidate will receive a monthly allowance of 80,000 FCFA (about 160 USD) for the duration of the study. This monthly allowance plus operating expenses related to conducting the research are the only costs covered by the project. The service of animal production and animal feed science of EISMV will provide facilities for data analysis as well as an enabling working environment to the candidate.

VIII – Deadline

Interested candidates should apply no later than July 26, 2013 by sending complete application files to:

Professor Ayao Missohou:

Dr. Stanly Tebug:

Only online applications will be accepted.


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